Everybody Welcome! No Membership Necessary

Monthly Meeting

Friday, January 20 @ 10AM

Zoom Virtual Event

D. Joshua Taylor

will present

Family History: What the Future Holds

Curious about how family history might change in the coming years? This session examines the impact of new technologies, digital preservation, record access, and other factors that will impact the future of family history. Together we will explore the opportunities and challenges ahead for genealogists.

So, please join us on January 20th at 10AM for this informative presentation. A  Zoom link will be posted here the day before the event.

    Everyone Welcome! No membership necessary.

Great Britain

Friday, January 6 @ 10AM

Zoom Virtual Event

All BIGs members interested in Welsh, Scottish, English research/ancestors please join for sharing and conversation. If you are wanting to “jump the pond” (begin your United Kingdom research) this is a great place to ask questions. (We often stray into all kinds of other topics, so feel free to check it out!) The Zoom link will be emailed to you.

Writers' Workshop

Thursday, January 26 @ 10AM

Zoom Virtual Event

Hiatus through the Fall Holiday season. Resuming in January 2023. The January meeting will be a great opportunity for members to join our group and help map out our focus for the coming year. Watch for details in early January.

Friday Forum

(Formerly Skill SIG)


Friday, January 27 @ 10AM

Zoom Virtual Event

We’ll be following up on Joshua Taylor’s presentation and discussing  what we personally think the future of family history research might be like. Plan to let us know your own thoughts. The Zoom link information will be emailed to all BIGS members before the event.

Coming Attractions

Monthly Meetings

February 17, 2023  ON ZOOM

Elizabeth Williams Gommoll

Documents + DNA + Luck, Combining Tools to Find Biological Family

March 17, 2023  HYBRID: Live at the Bainbridge Library & on Zoom

Evelyn Roelh of Kin Hunters

Planning a Genealogy Research Trip

April 21, 2023  ON ZOOM

Kim Richardson of Southern Heritage Genealogy

Busting Brick Walls

Friday Forums

February 24, 2023  ON ZOOM

We’ll be discussing members successes and failures combining DNA and traditional research techniques to prove ancestors.

March 24, 2023  ON ZOOM

Members will share tips/tricks learned from past genealogy research trips and questions or plans for the future.