BIGS Business

Welcome to the freshly remodeled BIGS website – same address, brand new look! We hope you will get used to using the website for all your BIGS news and information. It will be a bit of transition for all of us, but we hope you will enjoy the changes. There will undoubtedly be some revisions or corrections needed, so please bear with us as we find our way forward! Afterall, the work done on the website has been done by enthusiastic volunteers, your fellow members working together on your behalf. Kudos to our Website team, led by Larry Noedel, and including Joleen Aitchison, Holly Ardinger, Stephani Balzarini, and our learned webmaster Lori Gibson! As 2022 fades away, I hope you are looking forward to a new year of adventures in genealogy – opportunities to learn from our speakers and other members, to share your knowledge and discoveries, and to support BIGS by volunteering your time and ideas. Happy New Year!

Andy Hoskins, President