Genealogy Online Q&A

Now, any member of the public can request an online session to help get answers to their genealogy questions. One of our Q&A team members will respond to that request by setting up a Zoom chat session to discuss your situation and get you on a path to the answers you seek. So, if you are new to genealogy, now is the perfect time and this is the perfect way to begin researching your family history. We can show you the easiest and fastest ways to get started. And, if you have some genealogy experience, we can provide the help you need to get your research to the next level. All you need to do is register. We think you will enjoy the process, meet some fellow family history researchers, and learn some worthwhile new things to boot. No membership necessary. All levels of experience welcome.

Please complete the following to request an Online Genealogy Q&A session. After you submit the form a member of the BIGS Q&A team will contact you to set up an online session at your convenience. Thank you and we look forward to our meeting!